Hogy Slow Tail
Hogy Slow Tail
Hogy Slow Tail

Hogy Slow Tail

The Holy Slow Tail soft plastic is designed for ultra-slow presentations in shallow water or near the surface, the Slow Tail Swimbait features Hogy's trusted trophy grade rigging ready to target tackle busting tarpon, tuna, snook, striped bass, cobia, and more. Featuring twin action-packed ribbon tails for a lifelike swimming action at very slow speeds, these baits are ideal for targeting lethargic, pressured, or generally finicky gamefish by offering a slower, more natural presentation. Ideally fished with slow steady swimming action, or a slightly stop and go retrieve, these baits effectivity imitate unassuming mullet, herring, menhaden, shad, and more.

3.5" 3/4 oz

4.5" 1 oz

  • Ultra-Slow Swimming Twin Ribbon Tail
  • Ideal For Shallow Water and Slow Surface Presentations
  • UV Infused Heavy Duty Soft Plastic
  • Increased Durability and Low Light Visibility
  • 3X VMC 4/0 Barbarian Jig Hook
  • Trophy Inshore Saltwater Strong
  • Attractive Baitfish Finish
  • Imitative Laser Eye

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