On Plum Island
For 60 Years

On about 1962 Ray Moulton came up with the idea of offering to take photos of fish if customers came by with a good one. Fifty-three years later we’ve got quite a collection. That offer remains true today, you can get your fish on the wall for a couple of bucks, and add yourself to the books.

If your fish eclipses 50 pounds we have a special place on the wall, along with 60 or so other sportsmen from the 60’s through today.

Great Stories Every Day

Kay Moulton, founder of Surfland, recounts a story from the early years.

Reel People: The Fishermen of Plum Island

Director and island resident James Waldron answers the question, “Who fishes Plum Island and why?” The answers bring light to a wonderful, intermingled sub-culture revolving around the single-minded pursuit of the big one.

Reel People: Fishermen of Plum Island is a one-hour documentary film exploring the culture of fishing on Plum Island, Massachusetts. The barrier island just off the coast of Newburyport is one of the finest fishing locales in the Northeast and draws an exceptionally diverse group of people searching for Striped Bass, Bluefish, Cod, Flounder, Mackerel and others.

The film mixes studio and on-site interviews with action footage, archival photographs, and amateur film spanning 60 years of fishing on Plum Island. The film is entertaining for both fishermen and those that simply enjoy a good story.