Fat Cow Jig Strips Split Tail 5"

Fat Cow Jig Strips Split Tail 5"

Split Tail 5" x 1/2"
8 Pack
  • 40X Stronger than soft baits!
  • Perfect for bucktails, jigs, rigs, spinner baits, tubes, and more!
  • Won’t ever dry out or shrivel, can be used over and over.
  • Scented & UV Enhanced so fish can smell and see
  • Excellent replacement for pork rinds and pork baits

Popular Uses: bucktails, jigging, trolling, fluke rigs, umbrella rigs, tubes and more.

Jig Strips are durable and versatile baits developed using a unique flexible synthetic material. These trailers add strike simulating action and scent while maintaining their usefulness. Leave Jig Strips on your hook and use it over and over again. Spend less time changing your lure trailers and more time hauling in the big one – try a jar today and fish on.

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