Edgemaker Fishermens Kit

Edgemaker Fishermens Kit

1 - 012 Knife Sharpener-The Original Edgemaker is perfect for everyday sharpening needs. With grooved sharpening pins that perform comparably to a butcher's steel, this model works well with all blades, including serrated blades, electric knives and scissors.

1 - Point Sharpener -This is our fine / finish point sharpener. This model works best on needles, specifically sewing needles.

2 - Fish Filet Thimbles- Handy in the tackle box or the kitchen, The Fisherman's Friend is a perfect accessory for any one fileting fish. This thimble-like device uses a series of points to keep fish from sliding away during preparation. The one-size-fits-all Fisherman's Friend is ergonomically designed, and will work on both the left or right hand.

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