Plum Island Soap Co.® -  Fisherman's Scrub Soap

Plum Island Soap Co.® - Fisherman's Scrub Soap

For the fisherman in your life......

TALE: Many fishermen believe that anise oil has the ability to mask the human scent that fish may detect when baiting hooks... Regardless if you're a fisherman or not this soap bar will probably become your favorite!

FACT: This bar is loaded with anise oil and blue poppy seeds and makes a nice scrubby bar. The anise scent of black licorice is sweet and pleasing.

These handmade Soaps are made in small batches with lots of LOVE in their little factory on Plum Island, Massachusetts with high quality vegetable-based ingredients. They use only the finest pure essential oils for scent and all natural ingredients in our recipes. Creamy in lather, pure, gentle and wonderfully scented. 3.5 oz Bar


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