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The world famous Red Gill Original Lures were designed and manufactured in Cornwall
during the 1950’s and are still produced in the South West of England to this day. Brought over to the states in the 70's this is an old school lure that many of you will know or at least heard of. The Red Gill is a firm soft plastic lure that is a fantastic looking imitation sand eel. These lures were originally designed to use as teasers for cod and pollack, but Frank Daignault (well-known surfcaster and author) made them popular by using them as a teasers for striped bass.

Rascal 4.5" 3pk (3 Sakuma 545 2/0 Hooks) Retail $7.99

Raver 7'' 2pk (2 Sakuma 545 6/0 Hooks) Retail $7.99

Available in a selection of colors. You can call us at the shop or see the color selection on our on-line shop.


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The Red Gill Mega Vibe Lures are super tough and ultra realistic. They are molded with the hook and weight so they guarantee anglers perfect action right out of the package. The Mega Vibe puts out vibrations from its unique design which attract large predatory fish.

  • Deep grove body for maximum vibration
  • Broad paddle tail with glass ball bearing rattle inside
  • 3D laser graphic strike eyes
  • Super slim profile for a perfect swimming action
  • Fitted with super sharp, super strong Mustad 6/0 hooks
  • Injected with FactorA strike stimulant
  • 6"
  • Retail $7.99


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