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The Cotton Cordell Red-Fin is legendary. It has been used in both fresh and saltwater for a variety of game fish. The Red-Fin can be twitched on top, runs erratically with a twitch-twitch-pause retrieve, provides a wide searching wobble on a straight retrieve and is one of the best wake baits ever made. Try retrieving it slowly on top for vicious top water strikes from all types of bass, including giant stripers.

One of the other thing the Red Fin is famous for is that a lot of fishermen "load" it. There are many videos on YouTube that can demonstrate the "how to do it" side of loading. Also quite a few articles have been released on "loading" a Red Fin. And most assuredly there will be tons of comments and suggestions from lots of fishermen about how to do it, so thank you in advance for any and all remarks. Attached is an article that was published in The Fisherman: Load A Fin



Model Length Cranking Depth  Hooks  Weight
C10 7 IN 0-1 FEET #3/0 1 OZ.
    RETAIL $9.95    





The Cotton Cordell Pencil Popper is one of the most underrated topwater baits on the market. It's a standard tool for striper fishing and has an action and sound that will elicit strikes from pressured bass. The pencil popper has always been a lure that we have told fisherman to have in their bag if they like to fish sunrise or sunset.

THE 67 - RETAIL $9.95

7 IN
2 OZ.
Hook Size

THE 66 - RETAIL $9.50

Model Length Weight Depth Hook Size
C66 6 in 1 oz Topwater #1/0

THE 64 -RETAIL $8.50

Model Length Weight Depth Hook Size
C64 4.5 in 3/4 oz Topwater #2


So that is what we have in Cotton Cordell Lures. The 25% off runs until we reopen, run out of stock, or cannot get anymore. Again thanks for the support during this crazy time and hope to see you soon!

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