Nomad Design Dartwing Sinking 130
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Nomad Design Dartwing Sinking 130

The 130 Long Cast sinking is a heavily weighted lure designed for long casting either from shore, or into schools of fussy fish. It is designed to be worked fast across the surface to imitate a feeling baitfish and to trigger the instinctive bite response from predators. The dartwing head shape creates an S shaped action across the surface when retrieved. This lure is one of the most versatile in the entire range and can be used on a huge range of species from tuna to bluefish, striped bass, and any other predatory species. The small cup face creates a spitting action as it snakes its way across the surface. Whatever your target species, the Dartwing 130 is going to get them excited and catch you fish.


1.3 oz

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